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Coritiba Plan New Logo - Could Change Club Statute

Brazilian side, Coritiba, are planning to present a new club logo that might require some changes in the club's statute before it can officially happen.

The potential new crest will have major changes in comparison to the club’s latest one that has been around since 2001.

Coritiba Will Make Major Changes in New Logo

According to, the idea for the upcoming logo is to represent Coritiba’s root at the top of the world. The new crest will consist of three pillars, the Arauncia (the state of Parana’s symbol), the Pinhao (the tree’s seed), and the world.

From the current look, the upcoming crest will remove the club’s star, Coritiba Football Club’s name, and also the state of Parana. The only major detail that won’t be taken away is the CFC initial, but the letter ‘F’s size will change.

In its 100 year history, Coritiba have gone through several crest changes, but the latest one might be the most intriguing. For the new logo to be approved, it must go against the club’s current statute that specifically mentions details of the club’s crest, which is quite different from the proposed new look.

Coritiba's Logo History

A discussion regarding the new logo plan was scheduled on Tuesday, January 31, during Coritiba’s board of members meeting. If the proposal is approved, they will take it to the shareholders' meeting before being able to move forward.

The new crest is reportedly being designed by the company that were also behind the club’s 1909 logo.

What do you think about Coritiba’s potential new logo? Do you want them to change their current crest? Comment below.