Leak or Scrapped Design? Mysterious Union Berlin x Iriedaily Collaborative Kit Surfaces

Photos have emerged of a special Union Berlin shirt produced in collaboration with German streetwear brand Iriedaily. The mysterious shirt could either be an upcoming release or an idea that was scrapped at the last minute.

Mysterious Union Berlin x Iriedaily Kit Surfaces

Adidas have produced at least a few Union Berlin x Iriedaily kits, with one found on sale in a TK Maxx in Germany, while another one is listed on eBay. The various labels and authenticity tags prove it is the real deal, although it remains unclear whether these shirts were accidentally put on sale ahead of a future release date, or if the whole idea was discarded after some initial shirts had already been produced.

The tags reveal that the shirt was produced in May 2022, so it's not out of the question that it will be launched at some stage this season, but it's also possible that the planned release date has already passed. The label says that it is a fourth shirt, a common classification for one-off collaborations that make a single appearance on the pitch. Check it out below.

Union Berlin x Iriedaily Special Kit

This is the Adidas Union Berlin x Iriedaily special jersey.

The Adidas 1. Fußballclub Union Berlin special football shirt has a white base colour with grey text all over repeating the words "Irie Union Daily Eisern". Various red graphics cover the bottom half of the shirt.

"Mellow Park", a park near Union stadium, is written in place of the sponsor logo. All other sponsor logos and the sleeve stripes are also red.

Made by Adidas. Are you a fan of Union Berlin's mysterious Iriedaily collab shirt? Would you like to see it released? Comment below.