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Closer Look: Nike 22-23 'B-Team' Template

As you may know, Nike have a sort of tier system for their teams. In this ranking, only the elite clubs receive fully bespoke, specially designed kits.

The next lower tier may still get a bespoke home kit, but for the away and third they often find themselves with templates.

Since the 2021-22 season, Nike have a yearly "B-Team" template, which we have covered. It explains why certain graphic designs are so frequent. In general however, these template designs are still better than standard teamwear, as they have plenty of customization options.

Adidas of course have a similar customization service in the form of mi Team, which gave many smaller clubs the ability to create unique kits.

Nike 22-23 B-Team Template

On the Nike Japan website, the "B-Team" template is available to customize and buy.

Here are the four graphic options.

Nike GX1

Nike GX2

Nike GX3

Nike GX4

Real Examples

Here is the plethora of teams that received the "B-Team" template this season. We recreated their shirts in Nike's online shop.

Most of these clubs are mid-sized and are unlikely to ever fall into the elite Nike category.

Although this template is specific to 2022-23, we think a handful of clubs may still receive these designs next season, even though Nike are likely to have a new template by then. We saw the same phenomenon with the 21-22 shirt, which is still in use this season.

Create your own designs here.

What do you think of Nike's customizable template for 2022-23? Is it better than standard teamwear? Did you recognize the similarities between Nike's 22-23 kits? Comment below.