Roma Win Lawsuit Against New Balance - Green Light for Adidas Deal

AS Roma lost their Europa League first-leg tie against RB Salzburg on Thursday but the Giallorossi did grab an important win off the pitch.

Jose Mourinho’s men have won their legal battle against New Balance, giving the green light to move forward with their Adidas deal which will go start in the 2023/24 season.

Roma Win Legal Battle Against New Balance

Roma are currently in the final season of their contract with New Balance as the club are on the verge of switching to Adidas next season. NB were not keen on losing the Giallorossi as their client and opt to take the club to court.

However, as reported by Calcio E Finanza, New Balance have lost its court battle against Roma. The International Chamber of Commerce has decided that the Giallorossi didn’t break any agreement they had with NB.

Roma Get the Green Light to Go Through With Their Adidas Deal

The court believes that Roma have complied with all of their contract agreement with New Balance while adding that the American manufacturer didn’t match the economic proposal made by Adidas to the Giallorossi. This decision means that the Italian outfit can go through with its deal with the Three Stripes, which should be launched in the next few months.

As we previously reported, New Balance were claiming that the clause allows them to trigger an automatic one-year extension with Roma if they can match other offers that come to the Serie A outfit. NB also stated they did just that when Adidas made their proposal to The Giallorossi which the club denied. Roma said that New Balance did not exercise their right of refusal nor match the Three Stripes' offer.

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This is not the first time that New Balance lose their lawsuit with a football club as they also experience a similar result in their battle against Liverpool in the past.

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Meanwhile, Roma's deal with Adidas won't be the first collaboration between them as the German manufacturer have made kits for the Giallorossi back in 1991 to 1994. Just as previously reported, Mourinho's side are likely to be the Three Stripes' new premium team and won't be on the Elite teams (Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Man Utd & Real Madrid) level.

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