Tottenham's Emerson Royal and Son Heung-Min to Wear Unique Custom Boots vs Chelsea

Boot artist Jordan Dawson has created customized Speedportal soccer cleats for Tottenham Hotspur's Heung-Min Son and Emerson Royal. The players showed off their new boots ahead of training, but have yet to wear them in an official match.

Dawson had previously created boots for Liverpool's Darwin and Wolverhampton Wanderers' Adama Traore.

Custom Adidas X Speedportal Football Boots By Boot Artist for Heung-min Son and Emerson Royal

The design of Son's custom boots is based on the green Adidas x Speedportal, with custom elements including the South Korean flag and his signature celebration graphic. On the other hand, Emerson's boots are based on the brand-new "pink" Adidas x Speedportal, featuring the Brazilian flag and the word "Royal" in a green and yellow gradient.

Interestingly, both custom Adidas X Speedportal soccer boots certainly only have designs on the outsteps, as was the case with Darwin Nuñez's boots. This could be in order to not negatively influence performance, but it could be also just a visual concept.

Of course, these are not available to buy, but you can let the artist create boots for you.

Both players could wear their custom Adidas X Speedportal football boots in Tottenham's upcoming match against Chelsea on February 26th.

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