Exclusive: Nike to Release Special Whiteout Next-Gen Tiempo 10 2023 Boots

Nike will release the first-ever whiteout Tiempo football boot, we can leak. Let us find out all about the Triple White next-generation Tiempo 10 2023 football boots.

Dreams Come True: Whiteout Adidas 2023 'Pearlized' Boots Pack Leaked

Nike somehow follow Adidas with the whiteout next-generation Tiempo 10 football boots. However, in contrast to Adidas' brand-new Adidas Pearlized Pack, the new white Tiempo 10 football boot is a special-edition release.

Nike Tiempo Legend 'Whiteout Special' - White/White/White

The Nike Tiempo Legend 10 football boot has a simple colorway - 'White/White/White'. There are no colorful or contrasting elements.

It is the first-ever whiteout Tiempo football boot from Nike. In 2019, Nike released a similar clean Pure Platinum Tiempo Legend 8 football boot.

Exclusive: Next-Gen Nike Tiempo 10 2023 Boots - Full Tech Features + First Colorways Leaked - Only 50% Kangaroo Leather

Tech-wise, the new Nike Tiempo 10 Whiteout Special football shoes are the same as the launch colorway. There is no leaked picture of the next-generation Nike Tiempo 10 football boot yet.

Nike Tiempo 10 'Whiteout Special' - Features

  • Special-edition release
  • Newly implemented engineered leather upper: 50% Kangaroo leather weaved together with synthetic leather
  • Molded lines into cleat replace thick foam goads
  • Microdots amplify touch zones
  • Outsole with different-shaped studs
  • Flyknit around the ankle
  • Price: around USD 250 (EUR 250, GBP 220)
  • Colorway: White/White/White
  • Release date: 1 July 2023

The Nike Tiempo Legend football boots from the Whiteout are a special-edition release. They are set to be available from summer/early fall 2023 (July-September 2023), retailing at around USD 250 (EUR 250, GBP 220).

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