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Adidas Messi 2022 World Cup Winner Boots Revealed - More Pictures

Update: Adidas designer Sam Handy has shared more pictures of the Adidas X Messi 2022 World Cup winner boots on his Instagram.

The standout detail is that there are in fact not there stars on the toe box but rather two stars and a depiction of a goat's head - celebrating Messi's status as the "Greatest of All Time" - in Adidas' opinion, of course.

Original article: Leo Messi was recently presented with an updated version of his 2022 World Cup signature boots, which he debuted in the friendly against Panama a few days ago.

Adidas Messi 2022 World Cup Winner Boots

This picture shows the details of the boots Adidas created to celebrate Messi and Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup (via ESPN FC).

Based on the "Leyenda" boots Messi wore during the World Cup, this new edition comes with two details to celebrate the landmark trophy.

Three blue stars are placed on the toe box, representing Argentina's three World Cup titles (1978, 1986 and 2022). In addition, an inscription on the outstep reads "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Winner".

Pending a major surprise, the new Adidas Messi boots will NOT be available to buy.

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