Exclusive: Adidas to Keep Kangaroo Leather Boots in 2024

Adidas will continue to offer kangaroo leather boots as part of their football shoe lineup in 2024, which we can exclusively reveal. This comes as Nike and Puma have both made the decision to phase out the use of kangaroo leather in their products.

Some weeks ago, we revealed that Adidas developed a leather-free alternative for the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure 2023 football boots which was not used in the end.

Adidas Copa Mundial to Still Be Available in 2024, Next-Gen Adidas Copa to Still Have Cow Leather

Adidas is set to release the next generation of their popular Copa Pure boots in 2024, which will continue to feature cow leather. The classic Adidas Copa Mundial with kangaroo leather will still be available for purchase. The price of the Copa Mundial is set to increase to 180 USD.

Many Australians do not understand why brands stop using kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather has long been a controversial material not only in the world of sports. Animal rights groups have criticized the practice of using kangaroo leather in products. Meanwhile, most Australians including many researchers do not understand many brand's decision to stop using kangaroo leather, as legal hunting would help to keep the population constant.

Meanwhile, Puma are still selling the King Top football boots featuring a k-leather upper. It remains to be seen if Puma will discontinue their last soccer cleat featuring Kangaroo leather in 2024.

The next-generation Adidas Copa Pure 2 soccer cleats will be launched in January 2024. The Adidas Copa Mundial remains unchanged.

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