Adidas Developed Potentially Revolutionary Leather-Free Upper Material

In July 2022, we exclusively reported that Adidas would not be using kangaroo leather for the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure football boots. Now, former Adidas designer Marc Illan has revealed something very interesting - he and his team had developed a potentially revolutionary leather-free material for the boots that was ultimately not used.

Adidas Use No Calf Leather Instead of Kangaroo Leather for Next-Generation Copa Pure

Adidas has made the decision to no longer use kangaroo leather for their Copa line of football shoes, opting instead for calf leather. This change mainly came as a response to concerns surrounding the environmental impact and animal welfare issues associated with the production of kangaroo leather.

However, the Three Stripes were close to stopping using leather completely.

Adidas Designers Found "Suitable Alternative" to Stop Use of Leather At All

Marc Illan, a former Adidas designer, claims that he and his team had developed a leather-free alternative, but the company decided not to use it in the end.

Marc Illan says that their "team was able to find a suitable alternative to kangaroo leather that not only meet the performance requirements of a football shoe but also has a lower environmental impact and is humanely produced".

Marc Illan also showed off some early virtual prototypes of the leather-free next-generation Adidas Copa Pure football boots.

Unfortunately, this material was not used on the shoes, and instead, the shoe uses calf leather.

In the end, opted for calf leather. Marc Illan does not completely agree with the decision to still use leather but shows his satisfaction that Kangaroo leather is no longer used.

I am not here to defend this material choice, but still is a great achievement that Adidas has STOPPED USING KANGAROO LEATHER IN THEIR FOOTBALL SHOES. And that is something we should all celebrate.

It remains to be seen if Adidas will stop using leather for their Copa football boots in the near future.

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