How O'Neills Cleverly Used Ireland's Kit Situation Before Castore Deal

Ireland have just signed a multi-year kit deal with Castore but for a moment many fans thought that the FAI would have O’Neills as their new partner instead. That situation happened following a very clever marketing move by the Irish-based sportswear company.

O’Neills Tease Ireland Fans Ahead of Castore Deal Announcement

As we previously reported, a few days before Ireland officially sign with Castore, some speculation emerged that O’Neills have signed with the FAI instead. The Irish-based manufacturer put out a teaser showing what looks like a new Ireland jersey at the time.

Unfortunately, that teaser was nothing more than just a clever marketing strategy from O’Neills as the didn’t sign any deal to become Ireland’s new kit sponsor. Apparently, the sportswear were releasing a one-off jersey that was inspired by their partnership with the Boys in Green back in the 1970s and 80s.

At first, some fans were simply ecstatic, thinking that O’Neills will indeed return as Ireland’s kit maker instead of the highly rumored Castore at the time. However, a few days later the manufacturer revealed that they were only releasing a special kit and won’t be returning as Ireland’s jersey manufacturer.

On March 7, O’Neills broke many Ireland fans' hearts as they unveiled that they were only releasing a special Ireland kit ahead of St.Patrick’s Day. It was certainly just a clever marketing strategy by the manufacturer, as they took advantage of the fact that the national team were still without any official kit contract at the time. Moreover, O’Neills also started their jersey campaign before FAI unvealed their new logo.

O’Neills Left Fans Disappointed for Not Signing a Kit Deal With Ireland

Their decision to put out the teaser of Ireland’s kit with the caption, “Bringing back the Shamrock” managed to ‘trick’ some fans into thinking something that was never going to happen. Although O’Neill’s campaign left a bitter taste for many supporters, they didn’t do much wrong either.

"Sold us the dream and now we’re going to be stuck with some Rangers castoff from with an upside down crest. Cheers, Boys In Green are crying," a fan's said on Twitter.

Confirmation from FAI within just days later regarding their agreement with Castore pretty much sealed the deal and disappointment from some fans. Instead of experiencing a historic reunion with O’Neills, Ireland supporters will patiently awaits at what kind of kits they will be getting for the upcoming international matches later this month.

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