Napoli Manager Spalletti Wears Classic Adidas Copa Mundial Boots With Unique Lacing System In Champions League

Napoli's recent success on the football field is turning heads, but it's not just their gameplay that's catching attention. The team's manager, Luciano Spalletti, has also been making waves with his choice of footwear - classic Adidas Copa Mundial boots with a unique lacing system.

Luciano Spalletti x Adidas Copa Mundial x Champions League

Spalletti's fashion choice is a nod to football tradition, as the Copa Mundial is one of the most iconic and beloved football boots of all time. The boots feature a kangaroo leather upper and a durable outsole, providing both comfort and performance on the pitch.

What makes Spalletti's boots even more special is the lacing system he's using - rather than tucking the laces into the boots as most players do, he's lacing them up to the ankles, reminiscent of high school football. This detail has caught the attention of football fans and traditionalists alike, who appreciate Spalletti's dedication to the sport's history and culture.

Nagelsmann & Xavi Football Boots

Spalletti isn't the only coach to wear Copa Mundial boots, but he is the only one to sport them on the sidelines of the Champions League knockout stage. Other coaches, like Julian Nagelsmann (different black pack Adidas Predators) and Xavi Hernandez (Adidas Copa Mundial), have also been seen wearing Adidas boots, but not for matchday.

While Spalletti's fashion choice may seem like a small detail, it's a testament to his passion and commitment to football.

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