Tigres 2023 Earth Day Kit Released - All MLS Teams to Get the Same Design

Adidas and Tigres UANL have unveiled a new special edition kit for Earth Day 2023.

Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22, has been commemorated since 1970 and was born as a result of the high plastic pollution in the world. Estimates say that plastic is 99% manufactured with fossil fuels and that 91% of that product is not recycled and goes to landfills or directly to the ocean, generating a significant pollution problem in the marine mantles.

Adidas x Parley MLS 2023 Kits Leaked

As part of Earth Day Club Tigres joins Major League Soccer teams in the United States, which are also sponsored by adidas, to honor the Earth and its natural resources, by officially launching a uniform made of high-performance recyclable materials called Primeblue and using Parley Ocean Plastic™ technology.

Tigres will debut the Earth Day Kit on April 20 at home against Puebla. The team will go out on the field carrying a banner with the words ‘End Plastic Waste’; Tigres invite fans to bring as many PET containers as possible to recycle them in support of our business partner, Continental Ark.

Tigres 2023 Earth Day Kit

Check out Adidas' Tigres UANL 2023 Earth Day jersey below.

The Adidas Tigres 2023 Earth Day jersey does not feature a bespoke design but is based on the streamlined Adidas Tiro 23 Parley shirt.

The Adidas Tigres UANL 2023 Earth Day jersey features navy blue as the predominant color, with several blue and white elements representing the oceans and the phrase “For the end of plastic waste”.

The Adidas Tigres 2023 Earth Day football shirt is available to buy as a sponsor-free (1799.00 MXN = 90 EUR) and sponsor version (1999.00 MXN = 100 EUR). The version with the sponsors is more expensive than the sponsor-free version - it is also called "Match Version".

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Made by Adidas. What's your opinion on Tigres UANL's Earth Day kit? Comment below.