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Better Than Their Match Kits? Empoli 22-23 Limited Edition Training Kit Released

Empoli's new 2022-23 limited edition training kit was released a few days ago. It is made by Kappa and will be worn in the warm up ahead of Serie A games.

Empoli 22-23 Limited edition training Kit

This is the new Kappa Empoli limited edition training jersey for 2022-23.

The Kappa Empoli 2022-2023 limited edition training football shirt is much more vibrant than any of Empoli's 22-23 match kits, combining pink and blue with a swirling watercolour effect on the torso and back.

The left sleeve is pink while the right is pink, with the collar also split in a similar fashion, and opposing coloured cuffs. Empoli warmed up in the colourful shirt before their match against Inter a few days ago.

Made by Kappa. What do you make of the Empoli's limited edition training jersey? Comment below.