Haaland's Hairdo Draws Parallels to AFC Bournemouth Logo - Here is Why Bournemouth Have It

ManCity's top scorer Erling Haaland managed to score his 33rd goal of the season - shortly after opening his hair, which had previously been tied as usual. With the hairs freed, he evoked memories of a Premier League club - AFC Bournemouth.

AFC Bournemouth Head With Hair Represents Legendary Striker Dickie Dowsett

As easily visible, AFC Bournemouth's logo features a head with a similar hairstyle. Of course, this is not because of Haaland, but because of another striker - Dickie Dowsett.

Dowsett played an integral role in Bournemouth's brand overhaul

AFC Bournemouth's legendary player Dickie Dowsett is the one whose silhouette is featured on the club's badge. Dowsett, a prolific goal-scorer, played for Bournemouth between 1957 and 1962 and retired in 1968 to become the club's commercial manager.

Dowsett played an integral role in Bournemouth's brand overhaul and was instrumental in designing the club's badge, which has remained almost the same since its inception. Dowsett's image was used in the design of the badge, which has gone through various changes over the years, including the addition of the club's nickname, The Cherries. The red and black kit, inspired by AC Milan, was also a part of the club's total reinvention.

“Harold Walker (Bournemouth chairman at the time) had a design company,” said Dowsett. “We were thinking of changing the badge after we had done the kit and name. I went down there and they used an image of me heading the ball. I was always good in the air, that’s how I scored at least half of my goals!”
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Haaland's freed hairdo bears an uncanny resemblance to Bournemouth's logo, while Dowsett's hair only has slight similarities.

Many want AFC Bournemouth to change their logo

While the AFC Bournemouth logo mirrored Haaland's hair, it is not probable that it will change people's opinion of it. Many want AFC Bournemouth to change their logo.

Are you surprised that Bournemouth's logo has the man with the hair because of their legendary striker Dickie Dowsett? What do you think of the AFC Bournemouth logo? Should they change it? Let us know in the comments below.