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Puma 2023 "Tricks" Boot Pack Released

As part of their 75th anniversary celebrations, Puma have released the 2023 "Tricks" pack, applying their mismatched colourways from 2014 and 2016 to the Ultra Ultimate and Future Ultimate boots.

Puma 2023 Tricks Pack

Puma launched their first "Tricks" boots back in 2014 with their EvoPower and EvoSpeed lines, where one boot was blue and the other was pink. The eye-catching look was back again in 2016 in a colour combo of shocking pink, fluorescent yellow and black.

The 2014 and 2016 tricks packs that the 2023 editions are based on.

Now, as part of the brand's 25th anniversary celebrations, both colourways are back, this time on the Ultra Ultimate and Future Ultimate silos. Check them out below.

Puma Ultra Ultimate

Here are the new Puma '2023 Tricks' Ultra Ultimate football shoes.

The Puma '2023 Tricks' Ultra Ultimate boots replicate the original 2014 Puma Tricks release, with a "sunset pink" right boot and "hero blue" for the left. A white formstripe runs along the outside of the upper of each one.

In terms of tech, Puma's new Ultra Ultimate football shoes are identical to the launch edition.

Puma Ultra Ultimate '2023 Tricks' - Features

  • ULTRAWEAVE: Ultra-light, engineered fabric with a structured, 4-way stretch that reduces weight and friction. Built for athletes looking to increase speed and strength
  • PWRPRINT: Technology designed to provide stability and support on the micro level
  • Lightweight ULTRAWEAVE woven upper
  • Dual-density SPEEDPLATE outsole for rapid propulsion
  • FG/AG:' Firm Ground/Artificial Ground
  • Removable insole
  • Price: €230 Euro

The new Puma Ultra Ultimate 2023 Tricks cleats are available for 240 Euro (205 Pound).

Puma Future Ultimate 2023

Check out the new Puma Future 2023 soccer cleats from the '2023 Tricks' pack below.

The new Puma Future 2023 football boots come in a colourway officially titled “Puma Black/Ravish/Fast Yellow”, the same as the 2016 Puma Tricks cleats. The left boot is predominantly "fast yellow" with the zig-zag PWRTAPE coloured pink, while the right boot inverts those colours. Both are black towards the heel section.

The Puma '2023 Tricks' Future Ultimate 2023 boots are identical to the launch edition tech-wise.

Puma Future Ultimate '2023 Tricks' - Features

  • Successor of Puma Future Z 1.4
  • Even more adaptive and supportive FUZIONFIT360 upper, which combines dual mesh, stretchy knit, and supplemental PWRTAPE for support
  • 3D textures at key contact zones for grip and ball control
  • Stable at heel and flexible at forefoot thanks to the Dynamic Motion System outsole for traction and agility
  • Low boot
  • Price: 220 USD (200 GBP / 230 Euro)

Puma's new Future 2023 boots are available for €220.

What do you think of the Puma Ultra Ultimate boots from the new '2023 Tricks' collection? Let us know in the comments below, and browse the Boot Calendar for more Puma football boots.