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Exclusive: Adidas 2024 National Team Kits to Have 2006 World Cup Vibes

Update: We can leak various Adidas 2024 national team kits. All of them have the same template inspired by the Adidas 2006 World Cup Teamgeist jersey. It will be used for all sponsored nations, including Argentina, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Japan.

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The Adidas 2024 national team jerseys have a wide range of colors - some have classic colors with the country's flag colors, while others, like Mexico, have totally fresh paint jobs.

Adidas 2024 National Team Kits

A callback to the famous 2006 Teamgeist template, the 2024 Adidas national team kits all display the same wavy line on each side.

These elements are cleverly integrated into each country's typical color scheme while delivering a recognizable look for 2024. The main difference to 2006 is the reduction of the lines, which no longer appear near the shoulders.

Adidas 2024 National Team Kits Template

Another difference is that the Adidas logo has since been updated and will now be on the right side. Interestingly, some nations may receive tricolored Three stripes on the sleeves.

Adidas Tiro 24 Template - Inspired by 2024 National Team Template

Matching the look of Adidas' biggest teams, an upcoming teamwear template called Tiro 24 features a Teamgeist-like design.

Furthermore, just like in 2006, the shorts will continue the wave design, as can already be seen on the Tiro 24 shorts.

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What do you think of Adidas returning to the 2006 Teamgeist look? Do you like the Adidas national team kits leaked so far? Comment below.