Corinthians & Nike Reveal Two Spectacular Finalists for "Manto do Corinthians" Kit Design Contest

Corinthians and Nike have launched the final phase of the #MantoDoCorinthians contest, allowing fans to vote for the club's fourth shirt for 2023.

The voting period is from May 24 to 27, with the result announced on May 28. This collaboration between Corinthians and Nike, which has lasted for two decades, is considered successful in Brazilian football. It is the first time the club will wear a fan-designed shirt in an official match, giving fans the opportunity to actively participate in the process. The winning shirt will be worn by both the men's and women's professional football teams during the 2023 season.

Kit Design Contest: Corinthians Reveal Three Finalists

The contest began with over 2,000 designs submitted by fans on social media. A judging commission selected eight models, which were presented to the public. After more than 100,000 votes on the app, three finalists were chosen for the final round.

Corinthians #MantoDoCorinthians Finalist #1

This design, by Leonardo Fojo, pays homage to the club's first uniform and the Campo do Lenheiro. The beige shirt features dust details representing the hardworking fans, with the Corinthians Paulista shield and Nike logo included in the center. The inscription "É o equipe do povo" (It's the people's team) emphasizes the club's working-class identity.

Corinthians #MantoDoCorinthians Finalist #2

The second finalist, designed by Kaique Sena, draws inspiration from the blood of Corinthians, with a predominantly black shirt featuring red details symbolizing the players' determination on the field. The inscription "Tá na sangue, na pele e na alma!" (It's in the blood, in the skin, and in the soul!) reflects the club's passion.

Voting for the contest will take place exclusively on the Universo SCCP app, and the finalist shirts can also be viewed at Poderoso Timão Network shops.