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Identical?! Nike FC Barcelona & PSG 23-24 Goalkeeper Kits Leaked

Update: We can now also leak PSG's 2023-2024 goalkeeper kit, and it is practically identical to the one of FC Barcelona. Both are based on the Malachite Nike Gardien v goalkeeper kit template.

It is nothing new for Nike to give their teams the same keeper kit. This has been the case for most teams in recent years, with Liverpool, Spurs, and Chelsea all getting at least one custom colorway.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the FC Barcelona 2023-2024 goalkeeper football shirt, made by Nike.

The Nike Barça 23-24 goalkeeper jersey is based on Nike's 23-24 goalkeeper shirt template and comes in "Malachite", a green colorway. The tonal diagonal pattern is distorted to create a subtle hooped design.

Like the player home kit, the Nike Barcelona 2023-2024 goalkeeper jersey also features the diamond shape overlaid on the badge.

Paris Saint-Germain 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the PSG 2023-2024 goalkeeper home football shirt, made by Nike.

The Nike PSG 2023-2024 goalkeeper kit is exactly the same as the shirt of Barcelona, with only the logos being different.

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