First-Ever Adidas x Prada Football Boots Collection Released - To Be Worn by Dybala, Pedri, and Rafael Leão

Update: Rafael Leão (Adidas X), Pedri (Adidas Predator), and Dybala (Adidas Copa) will be the first players to wear the Adidas x Prada boots. This also confirms that Rafael Leão has already signed or will soon sign a new boot supplier deal with Adidas - the Milan youngster has been wearing Adidas, Nike, and Puma boots in 2023.

Original Article - May 22 2023: Adidas and Prada have made history by unveiling their first-ever joint football boot collection, combining the worlds of sports and fashion.

While the new Adidas x Prada collection is certainly not the first partnership between a sportswear giant and a fashion icon, it may be the first collection that takes the two together as a whole. It is not only the clean designs in Adidas' and Prada's colors but also the tech - the boots are made from "finest leather". This partnership could have marked a revolutionary change in the football boots market.

Adidas x Prada 2023 Soccer Cleats Pack

The Adidas x Prada 2023 football collaboration sees the current Adidas silos infused with Prada's Linea Rossa, resulting in a revolutionary collection that merges the DNA of both brands. The collection showcases the sophisticated craftsmanship and design details synonymous with Prada, blended with the high-performance football technologies unique to Adidas.

The new Adidas x Prada 2023 soccer cleats collection joint collection reimagines three iconic Adidas boot franchises: the Predator Accuracy, the Copa Pure, and the next generation X Crazyfast. Each boot features a lining and upper expertly crafted with the finest leather, adorned with the bold red iconography of Prada's Linea Rossa. The color palette is a clean mono-color base of black, white, and silver, exuding elegance and style.

Players to wear the extraordinary Adidas x Prada football boots are renowned footballers such as Catarina Macario, Paulo Dybala, Rafael Leão, and Pedri, showcasing the fusion of luxury and performance on the pitch.

Adidas x Prada 2023 Adidas Copa Soccer Cleats

Drawing inspiration from the rich archives of both brands, the Copa Pure exhibits a shimmering silver leather upper, paying homage to Prada's signature style. The addition of Fusion Skin provides delicate ball control and cushioning on the forefoot, reminiscent of the trademark Copa touch.

Adidas x Prada 2023 Adidas Predator Accuracy Soccer Cleats

The Adidas x Prada Predator Accuracy football shoes takes on a new look with a nubuck finish, wrapped in Fusion Skin for enhanced performance. The classic black design is complemented by the Prada Linea Rossa stripe on the tongue and heel, which transitions into a translucent appearance as it meets the sole.

Adidas x Prada 2023 Adidas X Crazyfast Soccer Cleats

In a sneak peek at the upcoming X Crazyfast silhouette, the design showcases a premium leather construction while retaining the lightweight structure and translucent visual characteristic of the X franchise. The integration of Prada's brand identity is evident in the adaptation of the original grids into triangles, highlighting the Linea Rossa red logo on the boot's heel.

The Adidas x Prada football collection is available via a raffle on the Adidas Confirmed App from May 22 to May 25, 2023. Additionally, fans can purchase the boots from and selected Prada stores starting May 25.

Each shoe costs 500 Euros

The price of the new Adidas x Prada football boots is high by Adidas standards, but low by Prada standards - each shoe costs 500 Euros. They are available in limited quantities and cannot be purchased directly. You can register for the lottery through the Adidas App, and if you are lucky, you will get your boots.

Adidas x Prada Football Boots - Key Facts

  • First-ever Adidas x Prada football boot collection
  • The collaboration combines Adidas' performance footwear with Prada's Linea Rossa luxury brand
  • Predator Accuracy, Copa Pure, and X Crazyfast
  • Each boot comes with leather, likely kangaroo leather
  • Top footballers like Catarina Macario, Paulo Dybala, Rafael Leão, and Pedri will wear the boots on the pitch.
  • Availability: Limited, available via raffle from May 22 until May 25 2023 - Exact number of pairs not known
  • Price: 500 Euro

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