The Longest Running Kit Deals in Serie A

Italian kit experts Passione Maglie have compiled a Serie A league table showing how long each club has been with their current kit maker. All photos courtesy of @PassioneMaglie, grazie raga!

Serie A's Longest Running Kit Deals

Serie A has the highest number of different kit manufacturers out of Europe's top leagues, and the following photos show that there's also plenty of variety in terms of how long each of them have been present at their current clubs. Topping the list is Inter and Nike, whose 25 year partnership is one of the longest in club football. The Nerazzuri stripes are a great design to work with, and Nike have produced some fantastic Inter kits throughout that time.

You might be surprised to see that Bologna and Macron have been together for 22 years, starting back in the 01-02 season. Macron are based in Bologna and their hometown club are the first side they ever sponsored. Macron have grown enormously since then and have been consistently producing quality kits for years now. It's great to see a club partnered with a local brand, especially for such an extended run. Long may it continue.

Elsewhere, there are lots of four and five year stints in there, while Mizuno can claim the newest deal, still in the first year of their Lazio contract. Their fiercest rivals, Roma, are just above them after two years with New balance, although the Roman clubs will soon switch places on this list as Adidas take over from NB in the summer.

The first kit of each of the top four longest running partnerships.

Which of these partnerships have impressed you the most over the years? Any disappointments? Would you like to see any clubs link up with a particular brand? Let us know in the comments.