Vinicius Jr to Re-Establish Nike Deal After Legal Battle

Vinicius Junior, the talented Brazilian forward from Real Madrid, is set or already has re-established his long-term partnership with sportswear giant Nike.

Vinicius Jr, who has been sponsored by Nike since the age of 13, signed a 10-year deal with the company in 2013 and extended it for another decade in 2018. However, his rise to prominence after joining Real Madrid in 2018 led him to feel that his contract did not adequately reflect his newfound success. This dissatisfaction prompted him to end his partnership with Nike.

Nike And Vinicius Jr ApparentlyRenewed Partnership with Vinicius Jr after Legal Battle

The Brazilian footballer terminated his agreement with Nike back in February due to a perceived mismatch between the terms of his contract and his growing status.

Nike won a court battle vs Vinicius Jr

While Vinicius Jr's legal team believed the contract had been terminated, Nike took the matter to court and emerged victorious, according to The Athletic. Consequently, the relationship was reduced to the 22-year-old exclusively wearing Nike footwear, with no social media posts or appearances at Nike events.

Now Vinicius Jt posted a picture of him with not less than 14 Nike paper bags featuring Nike gear, which certainly means everything with the Swoosh is resolved.

In late May 2023, The Athletic reported that discussions between Vinicius Jr and Nike are expected to resume after the conclusion of the 22-23 season, with the player taking a personal interest in the discussions. It appears that these discussions have been successful.

Adidas and Puma were interested in sponsoring Vinicius Jr

With Vinicius Jr now being recognized as one of the best players globally, several major brands, including Adidas and Puma, have been closely monitoring the situation.

In the latest matches, Vinicius Jr still wore the old-gen Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 soccer cleats. For the 2023-2024 season, it seems probable that he will return to wearing Nike's latest boots - for some weeks, he even did wear blackout and whiteout cleats.

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