Ocean Vibes: Bournemouth 23-24 Away Kit Released

Bournemouth's 2023-24 Away kit was released today.

Made by Umbro and sponsored by Dafabet, it will be worn in the Premier League 23-24 season.

Bournemouth 23-24 Away Kit

Check out Umbro's Bournemouth 23-24 Away football shirt below.

The Umbro Bournemouth 2023-2024 Away football shirt is a direct inspiration of the waves on the south coast. It features an overwhelming blue base with dark blue details, giving it a look similar to the different colors of blue of the sea.

The Umbro Bournemouth 23-24 away football shirt also is available in a sponsorless version, like the home kit.

Made by Umbro. Do you like Bournemouth's Away shirt? Comment below.