White, Black, Gold & Silver 2023 German Supercup Ball Released

Derbystar have unveiled a new color variant of the 'Bundesliga Brilliant APS' match ball for the 2023 Supercup.

Derbystar have been providing the official match ball for the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, and the Supercup since the 2018-19 season.

2023 German Supercup Football

The new Derbystar 2023 German Supercup soccer ball is based on the 23-24 Bundesliga ball. What was changed is the colorway - the German Supercup 2023 football combines the white base with gold applications.

The Derbystar 2023 German Supercup football is hand-stitched and of course, meets the FIFA QUALITY PRO standard. The ball has an extremely soft contact, precise flight behavior, and lively bounce. It maintains optimum roundness and is particularly hard-wearing.

The official Derbystar 2023 German Supercup football retails at a whopping price of 160 Euros.

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