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Arsenal, Leeds, Barcelona & Many More 23-24 Kits Have Unique Socks

Update: Leeds United have released their new 2023-2024 away kit, which continues the trend of teams having bespoke socks. It has the same peacock pattern as the shirt, and are surely one of the best socks we have ever seen.

Indeed, it are Adidas who have by far the best socks game in the 2023-2024 season. Various of their 23-24 kits have bespoke sock designs, rounding off the look of the shirts.

2023-2024 Football Kit Socks - Adidas Impress

Football kits are not complete without shorts and socks, and this season, brands have been creative not only with shirts but also with shorts and socks.

Barcelona & Manchester United 23-24 Socks

The socks of Man Utd and Barcelona kits have unique designs. Continuing the patterns on their shirts, Man Utd's socks feature a rose x bridge pattern, while Barcelona's socks are diamond-inspired.

Lifestyle-only shorts

Indeed, Nike have also released Barcelona 2023-2024 home short shorts with the diamond-inspired design, but those were decided to be lifestyle-only. The Barcelona 23-24 home kit match shorts are standard blue.

Other remarkable non-shirt football kit designs include the socks of Inter Milan with a special blue/black checker design and Orlando Pirates' shorts which continue the skull design of their shirt.

What is bad about the Barcelona socks is that the design makes them look maroon from afar, not matching with the shirt.

Unique 23-24 Kit Shorts and Socks - Key Facts

  • Man Utd and Barcelona's 23-24 home kit socks have unique designs
  • Man Utd's socks have a rose x bridge pattern, while Barcelona's socks are diamond-inspired
  • Inter Milan's socks have a special blue/black checker design at the top
  • Orlando Pirates' 23-24 home kit socks continue the skulls of their shirt

The attention is always on the shirt when new football kits are released, but it's important to appreciate the unique designs on the shorts and socks too.

Have you spotted other 23-24 kits with unique shorts or socks? What do you think about the unique designs of the football kit socks this season? Let us know in the comments below.