Last by Adidas Before New Balance Take Over? Sao Paulo 2023 Third Kit Released

Update: More than three weeks after it was unveiled by new signings James Rodriguez and Lucas, the Adidas Sao Paulo 2023-24 third kit has been officially released. The kit celebrates the three Brazilian championships won between 2006 and 2008, and in particular the jersey worn by goalkeeper Rogério Ceni at the time.

Sao Paulo's new 2023 third kit was revealed yesterday by new signings James Rodriguez and Lucas. It is made by Adidas and will be worn in the Brasileirão.

The Sao Paulo 2023 third uniform may be the last match kit for Sao Paulo released by Adidas, as the contract ends in December, and the board already have an agreement with New Balance. However, the renewal situation is being treated with care by all parties, as Adidas have a clause to match the offers of any rival party.

No More Adidas - Sao Paulo to Sign New Balance Kit Deal

Sao Paulo 2023 Third Kit

This is the new Adidas Sao Paulo third jersey for 2023.

The Adidas São Paulo 2023 third jersey features two stripes on the left side of the chest in a "scribbled" style, one red and the other white, passing under the club's shield.

The Adidas logo and three stripes of the Adidas Sao Paulo 2023 third football shirt appear in white on the right side of the chest, while the collar is V-shaped with a black front detail and red line.

The design mirrors the goalkeeper shirt of club legend Ceni from the 2000s.

The Adidas Sao Paulo 2023 third football shirt is available to buy in Brazil only.

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