Adidas Adipure 11Pro 2 Kroos Remake Boots Released

Update: Adidas has officially relaunched the Adipure 11Pro 2 with two versions: 'TK' Edition (an ultra-limited one-to-one remake, size 8.5 only) and Standard Remakes (all sizes, less limited) and will be available from 24 October.

Adidas Adipure 2014-2023 Remake Soccer Cleats - White/Black/Solar Blue
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  • Adidas Adipure 11Pro 2 'TK' Edition: An ultra-limited version, designed to Toni Kroos' exact specifications, includes this bit of customization, along with the German flag on the heel. It's a perfect replica of the boot Kroos wears, and as such is only available in his size: 8.5.
  • Adidas Adipure 11Pro 2 standard dition: It has the same upper as the 'TK' edition, minus the German flag, and the outsole is similar to the Copa Pure for a more modern look. It still has the same re-stitched upper in ultra-soft, ultra-lightweight Taurus leather that conforms to the foot for the comfort the 11Pro was famous for.

Update 20/10/2023: The Adidas 11pro remake football boots will be launched on Tuesday, 24 October 2023. This has been announced by Adidas with a little teaser video. There will be two versions - an ultra-limited one-to-one remake (Size 8.5 only) + standard remakes (all sizes, less limited).

Update: The standard Adidas 11pro remake football boots are already available to buy via various local Asian Adidas stores (Sri Lanka, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia).

Simply called "Adidas 11pro", they could be launched globally this evening at 8:30 PM German Time, Sunday, 15 October 2023. There are two versions - an ultra-limited one-to-one remake (retail price around 250 USD) plus a standard remake with a modern sole plate (retail price 230 USD).

Adidas re-release the iconic Kroos 11pro boots, worn by the German midfielder for almost ten years.

In fact, the Adidas Adipure 11pro 2 football boots were released almost ten years ago now. In the Fall of 2013, they were launched in the bold purple "Samba" colorway, inspired by the hosts of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil. Ten years later, Adidas re-release the model, but in Kroos' now iconic colorway.

Adidas Adipure 2014-2023 Remake Soccer Cleats - White/Black/Solar Blue

This picture shows the Adidas Adipure 2014-2023 remake football shoes.

The Adidas Adipure 2023 remake football boots feature the original white, black, and solar blue colorway.

The Adidas Adipure 11pro 2 soccer boots were first released in Fall 2023, and were designed to provide a balance of comfort, control, and touch. They quickly became popular among professional players, with Kroos still being a big fan of them and wearing them.

Like the original cleatsm, the remake Adidas Adipure 11pro 2 'White/Black/Solar Blue' are made from Taurus leather, which provides a comfortable feel similar to K-leather but with more durability.

The only difference between the remakes and the original cleats is the sole plate - the remakes have the outsole of the Adidas Copa Pure soccer cleats.

adidas 11pro 2023 Remake Soccer Cleats - Features

  • Remake of the classic Adidas Adipure 2 2014 cleats
  • Famously still worn by Toni Kroos
  • Taurus leather upper,
  • Vamp stitching in the front upper
  • Possibly sole plate of modern Adidas Copa Pure
  • Price: USD 230
  • Colorway: White/Black/Solar Blue
  • Release date: Sunday, 15 October 2023

Adidas' new 11pro boots are set to be available from Sunday, 15 October 2023, retailing at USD 230.

Adidas Adipure 2014-2023 Remake Soccer Cleats - White/Black/Solar Blue
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Will you be picking up a pair of the re-released Kroos 11pro boots? Let us know in the comments below.