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Harry Kane Had Blisters On Both Feet Wearing Skechers Football Boots

English forward Harry Kane made his Bayern Munich Bundesliga debut in Skechers Football boots during a match against Bremen. The match ended well for the Bayern striker and the team, but he apparently had some discomfort with his new boots.

blister plasters on both heels

Kane Had Blister Plasters on Both Feet After Bundesliga Debut With Skechers Football Boots

Kane played a vital role in scoring two goals during the game, wearing the brand-new branded Skechers SKX_01 soccer boots for the first time.

There is no picture of Kane's blisters yet.

However, after the match, he was seen shuffling through the mixed zone with slippers on and blister plasters on both heels, according to the reliable German newspaper Kicker. There is no picture of Kane's blisters yet.

Kane also suffered from cramps during the game, possibly partly because the boots did not fit perfectly. Regardless, Kane praised Skechers' boots when they were launched, stating that they are unlike anything he had experienced before.

In fact, the heel area of the Skechers looks very tight, possibly too tight for Kane. The problem may go away on its own after a few matches, but it seems more likely that Skechers will provide him with fixed boots soon.

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The Skechers SKX_01, the brand's first-ever high-end soccer cleats, is a modern soccer shoe designed with the expertise of professional players who want precise control over the ball.

Skechers market their boots as providing great comfort

What is remarkable is that Skechers actually promote their boots as offering much comfort, regardless of the player's feet. They have a custom last meticulously designed to optimize fit and comfort, this unique shoe ensures that every player gets the perfect fit to improve overall control and feel for the ball on the field.

Will Skechers provide Kane with better-fitting boots for the next matches? Let us know in the comments below.