Adidas Newcastle United 24-25 Concept Kits - No More Castore - Based on Leaked Adidas 2024 National Team Kits

Update: We have brought the Adidas x Newcastle United 2024-2025 concept home kit by @hendocfc to life, giving you a better impression of how it will look. There is still no leaked info about the Adidas Newcastle United 2024-2025 kits yet.

On 1 September 2023, Adidas and Newcastle United are set to announce a kit deal. There is no leaked info about the 2024-2025 kits yet, but designer @hendocfc has created a set of conceptual kits that give us an impression of how Adidas x Newcastle could look in the 24-25 season.

DISCLAIMER: "These are conceptual designs and are not meant to represent Newcastle's real-life shirts"

First and most importantly, a Disclaimer by the designer. These are conceptual designs and are in no way meant to represent Newcastle's real-life shirts for the 2024-25 season.

Newcastle's 24-25 concept uniforms are based on the leaked Adidas 2024 kits and template used by all Adidas national teams like Argentina, Germany, Spain, and Mexico.

Argentina's leaked kits might hint at the designs

Newcastle United 24-25 Home Concept Kit

The Adidas Newcastle United 2024-2025 home concept jersey combines the club's classic black and white with cyan blue accents, which have been a regular feature of Newcastle's shirts in the past few years.

The cyan-blue accents have been cleverly integrated into the design by @hendocfc. Both the 2006 Adidas Teamgeist-inspired side panels and the collar detail have this blue color.

Newcastle United 24-25 Away Concept Kit

The Adidas Newcastle 2024-25 away concept football shirt by @hendocfc draws inspiration from the team's famous green away strips. The Adidas Newcastle United FC 24-25 away concept football shirt combines two shades of dark green with white for logos - it is a look that would surely prove popular yet rather unspectacular.

Newcastle United 24-25 Third concept Kit

This is the new Adidas Newcastle United third concept shirt for 24-25.

The Adidas Newcastle United 24-25 third concept jersey has the brightest and most modern look of the set. It combines a cyan-blue base with black logos.

Detailing in a slightly darker shade of cyan round off the look. The graphic evokes memories of Nike's 22-23 third prematch shirts for their Elite teams.

The Adidas Newcastle kit deal is already set to be announced on 1 September 2023. Who knows, but we might already get a hint at the designs of the kits with these concepts.

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