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EXCLUSIVE: Copy of Nike? Adidas to Launch New Football Boot Naming System

From 2024, Adidas will change how their football boots are named. Footy Headlines give you an exclusive early overview of the all-new Adidas naming system.

The new names are less easy to understand

Adidas Football Boot 2024 Naming System

First and most importantly, Adidas will not change the names of their boot silos - Copa, Predator, and X. However, Adidas will heavily change how the versions are being named.

All except one tier name are identical to Nike

Adidas are changing the names of their boot tiers to be more marketable (and less easy to understand), abandoning the recognizable .1, .2, .3, .4 names, in a move that parallels Nike. As for Nike, the best is called Elite, the second-best Pro, and the worst Club. Only the third tier is differently called - League (Adidas) vs Academy (Nike).

The biggest advantage is that both the laceless and the lace top versions are now called Elite. Previously, they were called + (laceless) and .1 (lace). This surely led some to think that + is better than .1.

Laceless are not called + anymore

There is another interesting name change for the next-generation Predator, which we already revealed on Monday.

The next-generation Adidas Predator will simply be called "Adidas Predator", without a second name like Accuracy, Edge & Freak). This is probably to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the silo.

Meanwhile, the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure will be only a small update. Therefore, it is called Copa Pure 2.

Adidas Football Boot 2024 Naming System:

  • Best Version: Elite
  • Second-Tier: Pro
  • Third-Tier: League
  • Lowest-Tier: Club

Nike Football Boots Naming System

  • Best Version: Elite
  • Second-Tier: Pro
  • Third-Tier: Academy (only difference from Adidas)
  • Lowest-Tier: Club

Adidas Football Boots Naming System - Changes:

  • + becomes "Laceless Elite"
  • .1 becomes "Elite"
  • .2 becomes "Pro"
  • .3 becomes "League"
  • . 4 becomes "Club"

Adidas Predator 2024 Names:

  • (Laceless) Adidas Predator Elite
  • Adidas Predator Pro
  • Adidas Predator League
  • Adidas Predator Club

Adidas Copa 2024 Names:

  • (Laceless) Adidas Copa Pure 2 Elite
  • Adidas Copa Pure 2 Pro
  • Adidas Copa Pure 2 League
  • Adidas Copa Pure 2 Club

Adidas X 2024 Names:

  • (Laceless) Adidas X Crazyfast Elite
  • Adidas X Crazyfast Pro
  • Adidas X Crazyfast League
  • Adidas X Crazyfast Club

What do you think of the new Adidas football boot naming system? Do you understand why Adidas ditched the simple numbers (and the + for the laceless)? Let us know in the comments below.