Amateur or Professional? Saudi Pro League's Overcrowded Kit Sponsors

Saudi Arabia's football ambition is to become one of the top 5 leagues in the world. But what doesn't align with their mission is the kits worn by many of their football teams.

Up to 4 Front Shirts - Saudi Pro League Allow More Sponsors Than Any Other Top League

Most of the major European football leagues and also the Champions League, allow only one or two front sponsors (Italy, France). However, the Saudi Pro League permit up to four front sponsors which makes the kits of the teams look amateurish rather than professional. This practice undermines the league's ambition to become one of the top football leagues in the world.

Saudi teams surely do not rely on the income from these shirt sponsors

Saudi Pro League - Al-Hilal - 6 Kit Sponsors

Saudi Pro League - Up to 4 Front-of-Shirt Sponsors

All major US sports leagues, including basketball, ice hockey, baseball, and NFL, prohibit or only allow small sponsors on team jerseys. In contrast, some Saudi Arabian football club kits resemble Formula 1 suits.

The overcrowded kits could be something that the Saudi Pro League will address, as they make some teams look not professional.

CR7's Al Nassr manage it well, Henderson's Al-Ettifaq not

Some teams, such as CR7's Al Nassr, manage to incorporate their two sponsors in the kit quite well, resulting in a nice overall look. On the other hand, teams like Jordan Henderson's Al-Ettifaq do a worse job, resulting in their kit appearing similar to those of lower-division teams from Austria.

It is reported that Saudi Arabia also want to compete in the UEFA Champions League. Currently, they, of course, compete in the Asian Champions League. The Asian Champions League only allow teams to have one main sponsor, which is even less than the UEFA Champions League. It already gives us a preview of what we might can expect in the Saudi Pro League in the future.

It is also odd that many Saudi Arabian teams played with sponsorless kits in pre-season, and some also sell their kits without any sponsors.

Do you think the Saudi Pro League will reduce the number of sponsors? Are overcrowded kit sponsors a sign of amateurism in football, or can professional teams have up to four front-of-shirt sponsors? Let us know in the comments below.