Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit Leaked - 6 New Pictures

Update: We can leak ix new pictures of the Nike Chelsea 24-25 away kit. They are the first to show a close-up of the crest, which is made of a special thick 3D plastic material.

Please note that the shirt is a counterfeit but based on a real product (an error is that the Nike authentic badge on the lower left is way too high).

Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit

Check out Nike's Chelsea FC 2024-2025 away jersey below.

The Nike Chelsea 2024-25 away jersey brings back the fans' popular orange color. The Chelsea 24-25 away kit is mainly light beige ("Guava Ice"), combined with a Tangerine orange ("Team Orange") and blue ("Rush Blue").

Officially, the colors of the Nike Chelsea 24-25 away kit are "Guava Ice / Team Orange / Rush Blue." Both "Rush Blue" and "Team Orange" are also used for the home kit.

"Team Orange" is used for detailing on the collar, while "Rush Blue" is used for the Swoosh, collar, and sleeve cuffs. The crest is "Team Orange/Rush Blue".

The Chelsea 24-25 away kit is combined with "Guava Ice" shorts and contrasting blue socks.

The Nike Chelsea 24-25 away football shirt will be launched in July/August 2024.

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