Newcastle United Wear Kit With Plain White Back in Champions League - Here Is Why

Returning to the Champions League for the first time in 20 years, Newcastle United have worn a home kit with no stripes on the back, unlike their Premier League home kit. Let us find out why.

Champions League Newcastle United Home kit

The Newcastle United Champions League home kit is identical to the Premier League home kit, except for the stripes on the back.

The reason Castore had to remove the stripes on the back of his shirt was because of the UEFA Equipment Regulations. In article 8.03, UEFA states:

The colors used to create a hooped, banded, striped or checked shirt on the front must both be clearly visible on the back of the playing attire if the same pattern (e.g. stripes) is not used on the back of the playing shirt.

This will make it easier for fans and television viewers to identify the players' shirt numbers.

In the past, Juventus or Barcelona were the teams that had to remove stripes from the back of their shirts.

But his season's Barcelona shirt, however, doesn't require the stripe on the back to be removed. Why?

The answer still lies in UEFA's regulations on 'Measurement of color contrast'.

In particular, article 54 of the UEFA Equipment Regulations clearly sets out the spectrophotometric method for determining the contrast on the shirt. Therefore, the contrast of Barcelona's stripes and numbers is still within the safe zone and there is no need to remove the stripes.

In the past, Inter did not have to remove the stripes from their jerseys as they still provided the contrast required by UEFA regulations.

Do you like Newcastle shirts without stripes on the back? Do you think this UEFA rule is reasonable here? Comment below.