Eco-Friendly Football Boots Released - Kangaroo Leather & Vegan Versions Available

Have you thought about the environmental impact of your football boots that are eco-friendly? British start-up manufacturer Sokito bring you the so-called Devista shoes - a line of eco-friendly football boots.

Sokito Devista

Here are the new Sokito Devista football shoes.

The Devista football boot is "made of sustainable, high-performance materials to enhance your game on the pitch".

Sokito bring us two versions: Devista and Devista Vegan. Both are eco-friendly alternatives to high-end football boots from the big brands without compromising performance.

Sokito Devista Regular vs Vegan

The regular Devista Sokito football boots are made from soft kangaroo leather. In case you wondered why they use Kangaroo leather for an eco-friendly football boot - The brand's kangaroo leather "comes only from wild kangaroos Down Under and is a byproduct of government population control enforced to protect local agriculture".

Meanwhile, the Devista Vegan boots have the same structure as regular Devista boots but have been made without animal products - no kangaroo leather here, of course.

Kangaroo leather is used for the sustainable regular version of the boots

The Devista Vegan features a 100% vegan leather upper that is 45% recycled nylon, sourced primarily from recycled carpet, and 55% polyurethane (PU).

The Devista Vegan is the second in the world to be certified vegan by an organization.

Unlike most other boots, the Devista soccer shoe has been handcrafted in Europe.

The soleplate of the Devista boot has a structure quite similar to the soleplate of the Puma Ultra Ultimate boot.

Sokito Devista - Features

  • Eco-friendly football boots by British start-up
  • 2 Versions Available: Regular (Kangaroo Leather Upper "byproduct")/Vegan [45% recycled nylon, 55% Polyurethane (PU)]
  • Most parts of the shoes comprise 13 eco components including recycled carpet, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled rubber.
  • Some parts of boots are made from non-eco-friendly materials - no alternatives are available for these yet (e.g. Foam padding, Stud tips)
  • Ethically handmade in Europe
  • Off-centre lacing and locked-in tongue system improves control
  • Weight: 214g (almost identical to the Nike Mercurial, the most recognizable lightweight speed boot on the market)
  • Price: 150 GBP

The new Sokito Devista soccer boots are available for 150 GBP.

Do you think Adidas, Nike and Puma will follow and release 100% eco-friendly football boots in the near future? What do you think of the new Sokito Devista boots? Comment below, and browse the Boot Calendar for all the latest Sokito football shoes.