Joshua Kimmich to Return to Nike Phantom GX Boots?

During Bayern Munich's recent training session, Kimmich was spotted wearing Nike Phantom GX boots, marking his return to the Nike Phantom line after about 2 years of using Nike Mercurial boots.

Kimmich x Nike Phantom GX

From 2019 until before EURO 2021, Kimmich regularly wore Nike Phantom boots.

Following the release of the Phantom GT boot by Nike, the German midfielder has been wearing the Phantom GT Elite throughout the 20-21 season.

Kimmich then switched from the Phantom GT to the Mercurial just before EURO 2021, and has continued to wear the Mercurial Vapor range to this day.

In early 2022, Kimmich was allowed by Nike to wear the Phantom GX blackout prototype boots, which also implicitly showed that Kimmich wanted to return to wearing the Nike Phantom boot line.

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