Brazil 2024 Copa America Home & Away Kits Released

Update: Brazil's new 2024 home & away shirts was released today. It is made by Nike and will be worn in 2024 Copa America.

Update: We can leak the official images of the Brazil 2024 Copa America home and away kits. Big thanks to @sneakermarketro and @esvaphane.

Update: We have access to new pictures of the upcoming Nike Brazil 2024 home kit. The official launch date is set for March 21, 2024, and the kit likely will debut at Wembley Stadium in England (there is a slight chance that Brazil will wear the away kit we believe). The team will then wear it during their match against Spain on Tuesday, March 26th, at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.

The new Nike Brazil 2024 home kit will be worn in the Copa América 2024, which will be played in the USA.

Brazil 2024 Home Kit

This is the new Nike Brazil 2024 home kit.

The Nike Brazil 2024 home jersey is interesting. While it, of course, has the traditional color scheme of yellow and green, it comes with a second, very pale yellow.

The graphics in the lighter shade of yellow of the Brazil 2024 kit showcase Brazilian fauna and culture. The color scheme reflects the campaign motto "Brazil Para Todos" ("Brazil for All"), and the country's stylized flag can be seen inside the collar. The collar is styled in a V-shape and is green in color, which matches the Nike Swoosh on the left side of the chest.

One exciting feature of the new Brazil 2024 home kit by Nike is the crest , which is once again centralized after 20 years. The last time the shield was in its central position was on the model launched in 2004 in the legendary "Total 90" template.

The colors of the Nike Brazil 2024 football shirt are "Dynamic Yellow / Lemon Chiffon / Green Spark". Both Dynamic Yellow and Green Spark have already been used for Brazil's recent kits, while Lemon Chiffon is a first.

Brazil 2024 Away Kit

Check out Nike's Brazil 2024 away jersey below.

The Nike Brazil 2024 away jersey has a fresh and vibrant design. It combines a saturated dark blue base with a light blue and the country's traditional yellow. Officially, the Nike Brazil 2024 away shirt colors are "Soar/LT Retro/Dynamic Yellow."

What lets the Nike Brazil 2024 away jersey stand out is a wavy pattern in light blue all over it.

The Nike Brazil 2024 home & away football shirts is being sold from 21 March 2024.

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