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AC Milan's Custom Champions League Font Pays Tribute to 2003 Title

Update: It has been revealed that the design of the Milan 23-24 Champions League font was designed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the club's sixth Champions League title, with a perforated design reminiscent of that worn in the 2002-03 season.

The white color also matches that of 2003, although we believe that UEFA would not have allowed the barely legible black style anyway.

Curiously, Milan are the first Serie A team to have a custom font internationally since the league introduced a streamlined font a few years ago.

Original article: Milan played their first Champions League match this week, and if you are into football kits or following the club, you surely noticed a major difference to Serie A.

Milan are the first Serie A team not to use the streamlined font of the league

Milan 2023-2024 European Kit Font - First Custom Font Since Introduction of Streamlined Serie A Typeface

Milan are the first-ever Serie A team to use a bespoke kit font in a UEFA competition since Serie A introduced the streamlined font in 2020.

The custom AC Milan 2023-2024 kit font has a curved style, adding a unique touch to the kit. But the font used is not the only difference from the Serie A font.

Instead of black with a white border (as in the Serie A), Milan used a white kit font in the Champions League.

The black names and numbers are badly visible in the Serie A

It is not known if UEFA banned Milan from using a black font for the home kit in the Champions League, but the white names and numbers are much better visible. In Serie A, Milan still use the black font despite its poor visibility.

Milan's European kit font also comes with ventilation holes for better breathability.

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Did Milan made the change voluntarily to improve the legibility of their kit? Let us know in the comments below.