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Adidas Messi 2023 Ballon d'Or Boots Revealed

Update: Adidas now officially revealed the special Messi 2023 Ballon d'Or boots. Unlike elsewhere stated, they were NOT available to buy yet. Indeed, Footy Headlines have received info that only Messi gets these boots.

Messi's superlative performance at the 2022 World Cup helped him win the 8th Ballon d'Or of his career and further underlined his greatness. Almost immediately after, Adidas revealed special soccer cleats to honor his 8th Ballon d'Or.

Adidas X Crazyfast Messi Ballon d'Or - White/Gold

This photo shows the new Adidas X Crazyfast Messi Ballon d'Or soccer boots in 'White/Gold'.

Like previous Ballon d'Or boots, the new X Crazyfast Messi Ballon d'Or football boots from Adidas feature gold as the scheme. In 2023, they are predominantly white, with a pale gold used as the second color.

The most notable feature of the the new Adidas X Crazyfast.1 Messi Ballon d'Or soccer cleats is the Burrito Tongue - a unique tongue design that is only available on the Messi boot. It was a surprise when Adidas first launched the Adidas X boot with the Burrito Tongue.

The Burrito Tongue is a special design that Adidas made just for Messi's feet. We are so familiar with Messi's shoes, but Adidas has never released them. Therefore, Adidas will only release ONE PAIR OF SHOES by draw for the luckiest person.

This is the first time Adidas has released the Adidas X 'Burrito Tongue' shoes.

Other motifs on the the new X Crazyfast.1 Messi Ballon d'Or boots from Adidas include the number 10 and the Argentinian flag, the names of Messi's two children: Thiago & Mateo. It seems that there will be 4 ball motifs on each side of the shoe to symbolize the 8 Ballon d'Or titles that Messi has won. The upper of the shoe also has the shape of a goat's head.

In addition to football boots, Adidas also presented Messi with a special collection of 8 rings, symbolizing Messi's 8 Ballon d'Or titles.

Signature Boots Ballon d'Or Winner

Adidas X Crazyfast 2023 Messi Ballon d'Or - Features

  • Successor of the Adidas X Speedportal
  • Has a similar design to Messi's boots
  • Released for 2023-24 season
  • Designed to achieve <175g
  • ADIZERO 99g design DNA
  • Aeropacity Speedskin: Single layer monomesh covered by purposefully placed double layer of low opacity TPU film for stability & comfort
  • Aerocage: Engineered lining skeleton for ideal support and stability, considered cutouts for better fit & lightweight performance
  • Aeroplate: New lightweight tooling inlay
  • Increased sustainability standard (64% bio based)
  • Dynamic Double Branding: Fast double branding on forefoot, textured stripe execution, lighter look and improved haptic and performance
  • Price: not available
  • Colorway: White/Gold
  • Only 1 pair of boots available

Do you like the new Adidas X Crazyfast Messi Ballon d'Or cleats? Drop us a line below, and check out the Boot Calendar for all upcoming and released Adidas football boots.