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Close-up of Custom Messi Vs Regular Adidas X Boot

The custom boots that Adidas has designed for Messi are always an interesting topic of discussion among fans. BC Boots UK recently gave us a closer look at the X Speedportal 'Leyenda' boots designed especially for Messi for the 2022 World Cup, via @bcbootsuk

Custom Adidas Messi X Speedportal 'Leyenda' football boots

via @bcbootsuk
Messi's boots are customized by Adidas to fit his specific needs and foot characteristics.

Some basic modification characteristics we can easily see are:

  • The different placement of the lacing system
  • The 'Burrito' tongue
  • The custom heel construction
  • The custom insole
  • The synthetic leather upper
  • Thicker heel cushion

Custom 'Burrito' tongue

via @bcbootsuk

The 'Burrito' tongue is the most distinctive feature of Messi's custom boots, made from a large piece of knitted fabric designed to wrap around Messi's foot. The 'burrito' tongue has better elasticity than the retail version and fits Messi's foot. Messi's custom boots also feature an additional stitching at the bottom of the lacing system - this is not present on the retail boots.

Custom Upper

The upper of Messi's shoe has also been designed according to his wishes. It appears to have a synthetic leather material (like the SprintSkin upper of the 2013 Adizero III), which is different from the material on the retail shoe. The upper of Messi's shoe is soft, which helps Messi feel the ball better when playing.

Custom Soleplate

Messi's boots also have a custom stud configuration that is different from any current Adidas boot, 100% custom-made for Messi (Gambatrax).

Thicker heel cushion

Messi's custom boots have thicker sole cushioning than retail shoes. The heel of the boot is also made from a softer material than the retail boot.

via @bcbootsuk

Messi's custom boots have a distinctive heel structure with no stitching around the ankle collar.

What do you think of the special custom boots Adidas gave Messi? Who do you think will be the next player after Messi to receive such special treatment from Adidas?