3 American Football Premier League Balls

To celebrate the NFL's return to London this week, custom creator James Reynolds has designed American footballs inspired by the iconic classic Premier League balls.

American Football Premier League 95-00 ball

This is one of the most iconic footballs of all time - the Miter Ultimax. When we look at this ball, we remember the Premier League's top scorers from 1995-2000, including Shearer, Cantona, Owen, Robbie Fowler and Ian Wright.

American Football Premier League 01-02 ball

The Nike Geo Merlin 01-02 is one of the first balls of the Premier League x Nike era.

American Football Premier League 04-06 Hi-vis ball

The Nike Total90 was the first hi-vis ball in the Premier League and is still considered by many to be the best hi-vis ball ever made. We will remember the curling shots of Henry, Nistelrooy, Rooney or the cannon shots of Gerrard, Vieira, Lampard, Roy Keane.

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