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Castore Kit Rips Again: Sixth Time This Season

Update: Another weekend of football, another ripping Castore football kit. This time, it hit Feyenoord's Quinten Timber, but it did not restrict him. He scored a goal with the defect kit, before switching to a new one. The cutout happened at the part that features the Castore logo, but that won't help the brand.

30 October 2023: Fifth Castore Kit Rips This Season

Another weekend of football, another Castore kit rip.

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The Castore Kit Curse of the 23-24 Season Continues

During the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Wolverhampton Wanderers, Callum Wilson's shirt got slightly torn, revealing three mouse-hole-sized holes.

It's at least the fifth time this season that a Castore kit has ripped. Castore did not comment on the problem yet. As it does not affect the performance of players, Footy Headlines think Castore won't fix it for their existing kits.

One thing seems sure, though: the Castore kit curse is not going away anytime soon.

Will Castore update their kits to prevent that from happening? Let us know in the comments below.