How 24-25 Kits Could Look

Even though the 2023-24 season is only two months old, there are already plenty of leaked images and information about the kits of the elite teams in the 24-25 season. Based on our leaks, FIFA graphics modder @Rode1Kits has created mock-ups of FIFA 23 kits to see what they might look like.

Elite Teams 24-25 Kits Concept

All 24-25 concept kits have been designed based on the leaked information from Footy Headlines to give you a more intuitive look.

Manchester United 24-25 Home Kit

Barcelona 24-25 Home Kit

Chelsea 24-25 Home Kit

Chelsea 24-25 Away Kit

Newcastle x Adidas 24-25 Home Kit

Liverpool 24-25 Away Kit

Would you like to see these kits come to fruition? Let us know in the comments below.