What if: Adidas X Newcastle Concepts Based on This Season's Template

As you know, Newcastle x Adidas has announced an official kit deal for the 2024-25 season. As a result, the Newcastle x Adidas concept kits are getting a lot of attention from fans right now. @whatif.fc has given us a closer look at the Adidas Newcastle home kit based on this season's template.

Adidas x Newcastle concept kit

The Newcastle x Adidas concept home shirt is based on this season's Castore Newcastle home shirt template, with the exception of the black area on the shoulders, which has been replaced with the signature Adidas 3-Stripe design.

Earlier, we also came up with the idea for the Adidas x Newcastle 2024-25 home shirt on the pitch, based on an idea from @hendocfc.

Other Adidas x Newcastle concept kits

In addition to the Newcastle x Adidas kit concept based on this year's home kit, @whatif.fc also created 3 other Newcastle x Adidas home kit concepts with changes to the width of the stripes on the kit and the collar and sleeve design.

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