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Adidas Fevernova 2002 World Cup Ball "Re-Released"

Adidas have re-released the Fevernova 2002 World Cup soccer ball but, so far, not in the version many of you would have hoped for.

Adidas Fevernova 2002-2023 Futsal Soccer Ball - Met Champagne
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The much-loved ball of the 2002 World Cup had many soccer enthusiasts hoping to get their hands on it once again. Now we get a remake but the ball is only available in a futsal version.

Footy Headlines have no info that Adidas will bring back a one-to-one remake of the original Fevernova 2002 World Cup ball. However, Adidas apparently have noticed that fans love the brand's iconic old footballs, so a full remake has surely become closer.

Adidas Fevernova 2002-2023 Futsal Soccer Ball - Met Champagne

The Fevernova-inspired futsal ball mimics the iconic design of the Fevernova, taking you back to the drama and excitement of Korea/Japan 2002. The colors are a nit darker, while the design is the same as the one from 2002 - the main color is called Met Champagne.

In terms of tech, the Adidas Fevernova Futsal ball is based on the brand's Sala indoor futsal ball model. The low-rebound football has classic panels, a thermally bonded seamless construction

Adidas Fevernova 2002-2023 Futsal Ball - Features

  • Futsal with design of 2002 Fevernova World Cup soccer ball
  • Low-rebound, optimal for futsal
  • FIFA Quality Pro certified
  • Thermally bonded seamless construction
  • Colorway: Met Champagne
  • Product code: IU3058
  • Price: 55 Euro (45 GBP)
  • Release Date: October 2023

The Adidas Fevernova 2002-2023 Futsal ball retails at a price of 55 Euro (45 GBP).

Fevernova Court Indoor Shoes - Sand Strata / Better Scarlet / Magic Beige

In addition to the ball, Adidas have also released futsal shoes with Fevernova colors and branding. They retail at 130 USD (only available in the USA yet).

Adidas Fevernova 2002-2023 Futsal Soccer Ball - Met Champagne
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Are you excited about the re-release of the Fevernova-inspired futsal ball? Would you like Adidas to also bring back a one-to-one original Fevernova ball? Let us know in the comments below.