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Next-Gen Adidas Predator 2024 Boots to Feature Removable Tongue?

In January 2024, Adidas will release the next-generation Predator 2024 football boots, which return to the foldover tongue. The main question on everyone's mind is whether the next-gen Predator's tongue is removable (and possibly even reattachable).

Next-Gen Predator Boots Apparently Feature Reattachable Tongue

Several players, including West Ham's Tomáš Souček and Barcelona's Jules Koundé, have been spotted wearing next-gen Predators with laces but without a tongue. Is the tongue re-attachable, or did they wear an extra, third version?

Footy Headlines are only aware of two models (laceless and laces), so a removable tongue seems possible.

There is a picture circulating that shows a standalone tongue of the next-generation Predator, which apparently has been detached. This further adds to the speculation that the tongue of the next-generation Predator 2024 is both removable and re-attachable.

Like the custom boots worn by Messi, the laced version of the next-generation Predator has a burrito style

The lace version of the next-gen Predator has a burrito style, like those boots worn by Messi.

Stay tuned as Footy Headlines hope to receive even more info about next-gen Predator 2024 football boots.

Do you think the tongue of the next-gen Predator is removable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.