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No More Nike? Adidas Interested Corinthians Kit Deal?

Adidas have reportedly been in informal talks with Corinthians, one of the biggest football teams in Brazil, following the end of Adidas' contract with São Paulo.

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Adidas Hold Informal Talks With Corinthians Over Kit Deal

The Adidas x Corinthians informal talks were revealed by journalist Paulo Vinícius Coelho (known as PVC in Brazil), who says that the discussions involved Corinthians' marketing department.

The president of Corinthians, Duílio Monteiro Alves, says he is unaware of the information, but the journalist guarantees that there were informal contacts between the club and the sports equipment company.

Nike have an automatic renewal clause until 2029

Currently, Corinthians have a contract with Nike that has been in place for over two decades, with an automatic renewal clause until 2029.

Corinthians are the only one of the 14 biggest clubs in Brazilian football to have never signed a partnership with Adidas.

Our Predict - Adidas Corinthians Deal Highly Unlikely

A deal between Adidas and Corinthians appears highly unlikely, as Nike have a clause that allows them to renew their deal with Corinthians until 2029.

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