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Tottenham 24-25 Third Kit Leaked

Update: Graphic designer @CBgrphx has created a mock-up of Son Heung-min wearing the Tottenham 24-25 third kit. It features a vertical Swoosh like every Nike 24-25 Elite Team third kit.

Update: Based on our leak, kit creators @grhaer9 and @jp_kits have recreated the Nike Tottenham Hotspur 24-25 third kit using FIFA Kit Creator. JPKits also provides us with the expected full look of the kit. You can check out and experiment with the Tottenham Hotspur 24-25 third kit on FIFA Kit Creator.

Tottenham Hotspur 2024-25 Third Kit

This picture shows the new Nike Tottenham third football shirt for 2024-25.

The new Nike Tottenham 24-25 third football jersey is predominantly mint green with dark green, white, and light golden accents. Officially, the colors are "Enamel Green/Bicoastal/White."

Tottenham 23-24 Third Kit

Nike Tottenham 2023-24 Third Kit
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Three features make the Tottenham 24-25 third kit unique - the upside swoosh, the classic-inspired Spurs crest, and an all-over graphic.

First, like all other Nike 2024-25 third kit of the Elite teams, the Nike Tottenham 24-25 3rd kit comes with a vertical Swoosh.

Second, the Nike Tottenham 24-25 third kit comes with a shielded retro crest. The retro crest combines the current Tottenham logo with the crest used from 1997-1999.

Third, the Tottenham Hotspur 24-25 third kit features an abstract graphic design.

Tottenham 2024-25 Anthem Jacket

The Tottenham 2024-25 anthem jacket has the reversed colors to their 24-25 third kit, with a dark green main color and mint green accents. It comes with the same upside Swoosh and crest as the kit.

Tottenham 2024-25 Winterized Jacket

The Nike Tottenham 23-24 Winterized Jacket features the design of the kit - it has a one-of-a-kind abstract graphic design.

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The Nike Tottenham 2024-25 third shirt will be launched in August/September 2024.

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