Adidas Launch "Black Consciousness" Kits for 3 Brazilian Teams

In a move to celebrate Black Awareness Month in 2023, Adidas has partnered with Laboratório Fantasma to launch a new collection for Brazilian soccer teams. The collection includes three sponsored teams, Atlético Mineiro, Cruzeiro, and Internacional. Oddly, Brazilian giants Flamengo did not receive one.

Brazil, every year on November 20, observes Black Awareness Day, also known as Black Consciousness Day (Portuguese: Dia da Consciência Negra). The day is celebrated to acknowledge the immense worth and contribution of the black community to the country and to promote awareness and recognition of their rich cultural heritage.

Adidas Internacional, Cruzeiro & Atlético Mineiro 2023 Special Kits

The new Adidas Internacional, Cruzeiro & Atlético Mineiro 2023 special kits feature a cream background with a graphic pattern on the body, inspired by different types of braids throughout history, representing these symbols in the shirt design.

You surely already noticed that the designs for every team are the same, just with different accent colors, using each team's traditional color.

Template-wise, Adidas mix an old 2022-23 template with the brand's new Three Stripes-only logo and an updated Aeroready tag. The inside of the collar comes with the old Adidas logo and "End Plastic Waste" text.

This collection is an effort to exalt black ancestry and beauty through one of the most recognized symbols of resistance in black culture - the braid. The message "Braiding Brazil and Africa" is depicted throughout the shirt design, symbolizing the roots and origins of the black population.



Atlético Mineiro

The special Adidas Brazil Black Consciousness kits will be worn by the teams with white shorts and socks in the specific color of each team.

Adidas want R$329.99 (65 USD) for the special kits, which are only available in Brazil.

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