Manchester United Have 28 Major Sponsors in 23-24 Season - Here Are They All

Manchester United are one of the most commercially valuable clubs in the world and, therefore, have many large and important sponsors. In their 2023 financial report, Manchester United have revealed that they have not less than 28 major sponsors.

28 Major Sponsors of Manchester United in 23-24 Season

The official table below highlights Manchester United's global and regional sponsors as of 1 July 2023.

Manchester United cooperate with major sponsors from a wide range of sectors, including technology, betting, financial services, hotels, tourism, logistics, electronics, and more.

We target potential sponsors that we believe will benefit from association with our brand and have the necessary financial resources to support an integrated marketing relationship.

According to Manchester United's 2023 financial report, with 28 major sponsors across a range of sectors, Manchester United's 2023 sponsorship revenue will reach £189.5m, the highest in five years.

Sponsorship revenue does not include revenue generated from Man United's agreement with adidas.

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