Brazil 2024 Copa America Collection Leaked

The Brazil 2024 Copa America collection has been leaked by Gol De Sergio. It is made by Nike and comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Brazil 2024 Collection

The Brazil 2024 collection includes a wide range of items such as a training shirt, drill top, anthem jackets, a T-shirt, a polo, a hoodie, shorts, and pants.

The colors and designs of the Brazil 2024 collection are mostly inspired by the Brazil 2024 kits. For example, a hoodie features a similar pattern as the home kit. The sleeve cuffs detail of the home kit is also present on the anthem jacket.

Design elements of the collection can be also found on the home (and likely) away shirts

There is no leak of the Brazil 2024 away kit yet, but we expect to find elements of the collection on the away kit as well. Our guess is that we will see gradient logos on the Brazil 2024 away kit, as seen on some collection items.

Training Shirt #1

Training Shirt #2

Training Shirt Long-sleeve

Drill Top


Anthem Jacket #1

The Brazil 2024 anthem jacket #1 has a wavy pattern on the sleeves, similar to the predicted pattern on their 2024 away shirt.

Anthem Jacket #2

Anthem Jacket #3

Hoodie #1

The Brazil 2024 hoodie #1 features a design representing Brazilian fauna and culture, identical to their 2024 Copa America home kit.

Hoodie #2

Hoodie #3




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