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Inter Forced to Change Paramount+ Logo for Champions League

Inter Milan are wearing a different Paramount+ logo on their away kit in the Champions League match against Salzburg. Let us find out why.

Inter Must Use Same Paramount+ Logo Across All Kits in UEFA Competitions

Instead of the text-only Paramount+ logo, the kit now features the full Paramount+ logo. The reason for this change was the regulations set out by UEFA, which require all teams to have the same sponsor appearance on their kits during European competitions.

Looking worse but in accordance with UEFA regulations

Inter have the full Paramount+ logo on their home and third kits, but have opted for the text-only Paramount+ logo on their away kit. The text-only logo fits better with the design of the kit, which has a space that matches that of a horizontal logo. It has this space because Nike designed and produced the kit thinking that Digitalbits would likely be the sponsor, but that deal was terminated after failed payments.

As per article 31.03 of the official UEFA sponsorship regulations, any changes to the content of sponsor advertising shall be treated as a change of sponsor, even if the sponsor remains the same.

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Should UEFA ditch the rule of kits having the same sponsor appearance on all kits? Let us know in the comments below.